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The Combination Horizontal Offset wood burning Design with warmer cabinet is  the choice  for the serious Chef

If the objective is to prepare the most delicious meals (meat and vegetables) for your guests, the combination Horizontal Offset wood burning design Barbeque Grill Smoker is your best choice.

 Heavy duty steel construction, multiple dampers, multiple cooking services and temperature gauges will enable you to generate the required uniform consistent heat necessary to have perfectly cooked multi course culinary feasts for decades.

Circular design for all compartments gives

–         Uniform heat distribution

–          Integral strength

–          Ease of cleaning

–          Indirect and direct cooking


Smoker and Fire Box constructed with

Heavy duty / high carbon steel      

–         Virtually indestructible Schedule 20 steel .375 inch thick

–          Reduced rusting

–          Excellent paint adhesion

–          Ease of maintenance and restoration


The black undercoating is Thurmalox 245 with a finish coat of Thurmalox 270 creating a coating that will

–          Withstand temperatures to 1,200 F / 648 C

–          Will not peel, flake or chalk

–          Can be touched up with Thurmalox aerosol


Offset fire box design means

–          Food is not directly over the fire

–          Food is not burned by flames

–          Hot air and smoke are the cooking media

–          Temperature controlled by adjusting oxygen intake


Temperature of the food can be varied by locating in different areas of the racks

The following are guidelines subject to individual tastes

Beef / Veal / Lamb          –  Rare                   140 F  /  60 C

                                                –  Medium Rare 145 F  /  63 C

                                                –  Medium           155 F  /  68 C

                                                –  Medium Well 160 F  /  71 C

                                                –  Well                   165 F  /  74 C

All Poultry – minimum internal temperature – 165 F  /  74 C

All Pork      – minimum internal temperature  – 145 F  /  63 C

Fish             – minimum temperature                     – 145 F  /  63 C

Use a water tray to maintain moisture in the cooking chamber and to add special flavours or seasoning as required.


Allow lots of time, cooking using smoke and heat is not “a hurry up” event.

It takes time to stabilize the temperature in the cooking chamber, with too large a fire it will be difficult to maintain the constant temperature required to properly cook the food.

Smoke and heat require time to penetrate the meat to break down the fibers and convert the proteins.

Avoid long term exposure to static smoke which will form bitter creosote resins, allow the smoke to dissipate as soon as possible.



Choose your wood to add flavor

(Caution Anaphylaxis reactions may occur from food smoked with NUT bearing tree wood)


–  Never burn pine, spruce, hemlock or any wood with sap (they will gum up the unit)

–  Never burn non seasoned wood e.g. wood that has been newly cut and not split

–  Use only dry, split and seasoned wood that has been cut and split for 6 months

–  Small chunks slightly shorter than the length of the fire box are best.

(remember large blocks may burn/smolder for a long time well past the cooking time)

–  Oak (red, white, most varieties), Ash, Maple will produce a high neutral heat

–  Hickory or Pecan for flavor

  Fruit woods (apple, pear, cherry, peach) will flavor the food. (test before using)


What to look for in a quality Barbeque Grill Smoker

  1. Heavy steel construction will
    1. Retain heat to be radiate and evenly cook the contents.
    2. Not likely to overly heat to the point that the paint / coating will burn off
    3. May have surface rust but is unlikely to penetrate through the material
    4. Welds will be much sounder and less likely to crack
  2. Are weld joints clean and smooth without voids that will retain residue material
  3. Are weld joints adequate to keep the components together without cracks
  4. Appearance will be enhanced if the unit is painted with a quality high temperature coating
  5. Easy cleaning with adequate drains (if required) (power washer friendly)
  6. Can additional features be added at a future date
  7. Warranty for structural material and assembly (welding).

Lifetime is not an unreasonable requirement.

(Excluding thermometers, removable racking, tires and other consumables)


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