Special Event Smoker BBQ

For Events or Competition

Unit for sale or rental

Event Reverse Flow Smoker


The meal (meat and vegetables) are not over direct fire, the smoke flavoured heat slowly cooks the meal to meet the chefs requirements.   Smoker cooking requires time to make delicious meals.   The degree of smoke flavour will be determined by the status of the flames in the fire box, a new fire or fire with a recent addition of wood will have more smoke flavour than a fire that has become hot “coals” generating heat without smoke.

Cooking Chamber (approximate dimensions)

-Diameter           30 in/60 cm

-Length                96 in/120 cm

-Doors                  3 for normal cooking with                                                                                   3 rd door capable of cooking a side of pork

-Rack Size          2 or 3 – 19 in/41 cm X 23 in/58 cm

-Vegetable Rack (internal) 48 in/41 cm X 10 in/25 cm

-Preparation Rack 50 in/110 cm X 10 in/25 cm

-Capacity             50 hamburgers, chicken breasts, steaks

                                a side of beef or a full hog

-Height to rack  36 in/90 cm

-Material             .25 in/5 mm   (high carbon steel)


-Diameter           24 in/60 cm

-Length                60 in/120 cm

-Rack                     16 in/40 cm X 30 in/75 cm

-Door Opening  10 inch / 25 cm X 10 inch / 25 cm

-Material             .25 in/5 mm (high carbon steel)

Other Features

-Temperature Probe (Smoker)

-Storage rack (below Smoker) 48 in/120 cm X 24 in/60 cm

-Grill over fire box

Physical    (overall)

-Length                  85 in/215 cm

-Height                   60 in/150 cm

-Width                    44 in/110 cm

-Wheel Size           2 – (15 inch pneumatic wheels)

                                    2 -10 inch castors pneumatic wheels

-Weight                  600 lb / 40 kg

Unit Price

Accessories Each (extra)

-Smoker rack      19 in/41 cm X 23 in/60 cm

-Fire box rack     20 in/50 cm X 23 in/60 cm

-Warming Oven 24 in/60 cm X 24 in/60 cm X 36 in/90 cm

-Ash bucket

-Water proof cover

-Leather gloves

-Tongs, spatulas, brushes etc.

All prices are FOB London, Ontario plus HST (if applicable)


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  1. Hello I am a chef looking for a smoker to rent until our own gets built. Wondering if u have monthly rental rates

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