Models available

Fire Pit       for a gathering around an open fire

Camper  portable smoker / barbeque for camping

(Light weight that be carried on your Class IV  hitch 'SUV - Pickup')

Patio    smoker barbeque for every day use

(Built on small wheels for moving around the patio/yard)

Weekender smoker barbeque to serve up to 50 guests

(Built on small wheels for moving around the yard or as a trailer to be towed on the road)

Event  smoker barbeque for groups 50 / 500

 “Weddings, Receptions, Company, Fund Raising”

 (Constructed as a trailer for towing on the road)

All units are fired with hard wood to give a distinctive flavour to meat and vegetables (if smoker cooked)

 Units designs can be modified for specific requirements.

In addition we can provide accessories to make your feast a memorable experience.


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